Rewind Carpet

The age of disposable carpets is over.
Sustainability and style are here to stay.

Big picture – we’re here to rethink and rewind.
From celebrating spectacular events and exhibitions
to making everyday life a feel-good affair.

Ready to make waste yesterday? Join the movement. Experience the color, the feel, the vibe.
REWIND puts a sustainable spring in your step with its needlefelt carpets.
Every. Time.

Rewind Rib Beige

Event carpets

Got an event? Ditch the swag. Green up your space with
100% recyclable REWIND event carpets.

Designed to be circular –
REWIND’s recyclable event carpets are a
style-savvy way to green up your event experience.
From ordinary to extraordinary –
REWIND’s exclusive latex-free carpets transform events
with a pop of color, a soft touch, and the perfect ambiance.

Beaulieu Rewind interieurs

Contract carpets

Life is intense. It never lets up. At the office, an apartment block, in school, or shopping –
you need a sustainable carpet that bounces back and looks fantastic. Resilient. Aesthetic. Affordable. Clean.

REWIND Contract’s high-quality, tested and approved
sustainable carpets blend the best of them all.
Say yes to life’s everyday rewards.
Say yes to the sustainable carpet flooring solution
that’s good for people and the planet.